6 Common Issues That May Arise in Pregnancy

Babygraphy • 01 Aug 2020

6 Common Issues That May Arise in Pregnancy

For first-time mothers-to-be, pregnancy can be a daunting thing to grapple with. After all, a young mother’s body will be going through huge changes, not limited to hormonal shifts, dietary requirements, and more. There are lots of things to look out for — and also prepare oneself or one’s spouse to avoid mishaps — that might seem intimidating or overwhelming, but knowing what they are is the first big step. 

  1. Bleeding gums and a lowered immune system

Expectant mothers have to be prepared for a weaker immune system during their pregnancies. For some women, oral health may decline and result in bleeding gums. This might sound innocuous and easy to handle, but with a lowered immune system, it means that mothers may be more susceptible to infections. Be careful with open wounds and injuries during this time, and make sure to do all you can to prevent infections from occurring, even if it’s simply in the gums!

  1. Hair growth and hair loss

During pregnancy, an expectant mother might notice that more hair is growing — not just on her head, but on other parts of her body, even on the stomach and on her back! Estrogen is responsible for this, and often results in a head of hair that looks healthier than usual. However, this means that post-pregnancy, things will once again change; post-delivery may see women losing more hair after a shower or brushing, but it’s not usually a cause for alarm. This is because the hormone levels have once again changed, and the body is reacting accordingly. 

  1. Increased acne

Hormonal changes will also cause an expectant mother’s skin to begin secreting more oils. This may or may not lead to increased and worsened acne, or cause breakouts for the very first time for women who have always had clear complexions. Depending on the level of severity, expectant mothers may want to adopt a skincare routine that will help to control the acne breakout as much as possible.

  1. Increased body temperature

During a pregnancy, a woman’s metabolic rate and sweat gland activity will increase, leading young expectant mothers to feel warmer than usual and sweat more. In Singapore, this means that their discomfort levels are going to be more pronounced because of our tropical weather and climate. Expectant mothers should wear loose clothing that keeps them as cool as possible, and hydrate frequently to keep body temperatures regulated.

  1. Back pain and sciatia

Another hormone that will show up during pregnancy is called relaxin. This specific hormone brings about the loosening of joints and ligaments in the pelvis (to prepare for delivery). However, this doesn’t just affect the pelvis. It will affect the rest of the body, which explains why pregnant women experience more back pain than usual. To counter this, maternity yoga classes are probably a good idea.

  1. Increased feet size

At times, a woman’s feet size may increase during a pregnancy. This is most likely due to growth hormones increasing in level in the body. During a pregnancy, a mother’s body may also be producing extra fluids, and these fluids may pool in the feet and around her ankles, leading to some swelling over the course of time. 

Not all pregnancies happen the same way. Some women may experience all of these issues or only one of them, but nevertheless it’s important for expectant parents to be aware of what’s to come (other than the anticipated arrival of your baby, of course). Knowing the signs and being prepared for them could mean the difference between a difficult and smooth nine months leading up to the most exciting day in your life!


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