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Ways to handle newborns (6)

Ten Tips to Caring For Your Newborn

Happy New Year! It’s 2020! Here is a great article to start off the year for your baby. 🙂 Newborns are known for being highly adorable additions to the family. But one also shouldn’t forget that as cute as they are, they’re also just as delicate – if not even more. This means that newborns …

Travel Kit for Parents

Going on that awesome family vacation in Europe, or just taking a trip down to Malaysia to see the extended family? With a newborn baby in the mix, it’s important to go prepared with all the essentials — just in case of emergencies! For young parents who are travelling for the first time, fret not. …

Traveling With a Baby: Yes or No?

So you’ve finally eased into the new job of parenting with your little infant, and you couldn’t be happier. And the next idea has finally hit you: maybe it’s time to make some spectacular memories by traveling with your baby! But is that really a good idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons of …

Oh no! My Baby is crying!

So… Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying Ready to take that beautiful family portrait? Not if your baby has anything to say about it.  If your little one chooses this time to be fussy and break down in tears, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world – like any other person, a baby will …

5 Ways to Play With Your Newborn and Make Them Laugh

While a newborn might seem like a simple creature with basic needs, going beyond food and changing diapers will provide huge benefits for your baby’s growth in the long run. It’s more than just keeping your baby clean, too. When you’re spending time with your newborn, you’re actively contributing to their well-being and day-to-day learning, …

Understanding and Communicating With Your Baby: A Quick Guide

While you’re thrilled with the addition of your latest family member, new problems might soon arise: that of communication, and understanding exactly what your little angel is asking for. After all, don’t all cries sound the same? Not really. Babyspeak is its own type of language – so it’s not impossible for parents (who spend …