How Babygraphy’s Mummy Team Helps Your Shoot Succeed

Babygraphy • 01 May 2020

Picture this: The day is perfect and you are out with your family – spouse, baby, and parents included – for a fun-filled photoshoot in the park, or in a regular photography studio with fun props. Everyone is all smiles from ear to ear, and you’re excited about how the photos are going to turn out. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, actually, a lot more than you might think. And we do not mean getting hit with some bad weather or a sudden power outage in the studio. 

In fact, more often than not, your sweet newborn might just run into a bit of trouble and become extremely cranky. As young parents, it is important to expect this and to be adequately prepared in how to handle your young one when their mood turns sour for any reason at all.

Which is why Babygraphy’s mummy team is always on the ready to save the day and keep that family photoshoot going.

This is a quick, lighthearted case study on how the wonderful team of mummies has aided Babygraphy in carrying out countless, successful family photoshoots.

Bad Mood? No Problem: The Mummy Team’s Effectiveness

Babygraphy’s mummy team is always on standby to help families when things go south, and their baby catches whiff of a bad mood and begins to cry. 

This includes being ready to handle a soiled diaper, a mishap, or anything in between that would cause a baby to cry halfway during a shoot. This team of professionals will know how to soothe your child, from swaddling them to comforting them and bringing them down from a wayward mood.

However, that’s not all the team does for families and young parents.

The mummy team is also well-equipped to help facilitate the photoshoots. Each member of the team has adequate knowledge and experience when it comes to encouraging your baby’s best smiles and laughter too.

The team can also create and maintain a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for babies to fully relax and come out of their shell. As a result, Babygraphy often walks away with many memorable shots of newborn babies and their adoring parents.

Patience and an accommodating spirit are the two key traits that makes Babygraphy what it is. Many parents have expressed joy and gratitude that our photographer and mummy team are patient, friendly, and helpful – all of which has helped their family photoshoots become a great success. 

Case Study: Diana

Take Diana for example, who had this to say about the shoot she embarked on with her baby.

To cut to the chase, Diana was midway through her photoshoot when her baby began to cry and kick up a fuss. He seemed almost inconsolable before the Babygraphy mummy team stepped in to save the day.

What they did was to first work on setting him at ease, after changing him into a new outfit. Our mummy team member swooped in and held him, all the while whispering soothing things while his bad mood subsided and his tears stopped flowing.

The mummy team also came prepared with a comfortable little cot/basket that they could settle Diana’s baby into, so that he could have some space to himself to calm down and take a quick nap.

And while he was sleeping, the photography team took the chance to snap and capture some precious moments of him sleeping soundly in his cot, much to Diana’s delight!
Diana had this to say at the end of it: “The experience was fun! The photographer did a great job in capturing those moments, and [the rest of the team] was a great help too.”

Aside from dealing with sudden soiled diapers and bad moods, the Babygraphy mummy team came through with everything else as well, especially on handling a baby’s unpredictable emotions. We don’t actually know when a baby will cry or decide to burst into tears, and oftentimes this may catch us by surprise, especially as young parents.

With the help of our capable mummy team, many other parents have come away from the photoshoot experience feeling pleased and fulfilled.

At the end of the day, what we all want is the most precious memories captured in a frame. Babygraphy is dedicated to delivering that service, hence the mummy team put into place to make everything easy breezy for everyone. 

After all, bad moods and accidents are unpredictable to a certain extent. And having paid the photographer a fee for this shoot to take place, you’ll want to make sure that the chances of something going wrong are minimised.

With Babygraphy, you never really have to worry about being on your own in this. We’ve got your back – especially the mummy team – whether it’s about calming down an angry baby or dealing with fear, hunger, or any other kinds of discomfort.

All set? Then it’s time to smile for the camera and make some wonderful memories together!

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