How to Protect Your Newborn In the Time of COVID-19

Babygraphy • 15 Mar 2020

In times as troubling as these, with COVID-19 cases rapidly popping up all over the world, parents and families are without a doubt worried and concerned about the safety and health of their children and babies. 

And while the number of clusters and cases in Singapore are not quite as a drastic as compared to countries such as the United States, Italy, and even South Korea, it will still pay off for everyone to be vigilant and civic-minded, especially for the sake of our children and newborn babies.

After all, there are no strict quarantines being imposed on Singaporeans at this time – which only means that everyone will still have to be out and about on the streets, and life shall have to go on as per usual until things either recover or worsen, depending on the situation. 

What then can parents do to protect their children and babies from the coronavirus?

Practicing Good Hygiene For Self

Before even reaching for your children or newborn babies, parents and family members ought to take it upon themselves to develop stricter hygiene habits, whether or not there is a coronavirus running rampant in the streets.

These habits include washing hands (remember the mandatory 20 seconds), and if there is no access to a sink and hand soap, then using alcohol-based hand sanitisers are the next best thing. Bear in mind that the alcohol content has to be at least 60% to be effective against COVID-19.

Avoid touching your face after touching surfaces out in public to avoid faster transmission of the virus. This also applies to when you come home after a long day and want to greet your children or babies. Always sanitise or clean up first before interacting with them, because newborns might be more susceptible to the virus the same way elderly folk are.

It is also important to remember wearing surgical masks if you’re coughing or sneezing. No matter how slight it might be, and even if you haven’t been diagnosed with the coronavirus, it’s important to protect younger or weaker dependants at home from any kind of sickness. Surgical masks are more effective at protecting people from you, rather than protecting you from people. Remember that!

When Going Out…

Avoiding crowded places is one of the more obvious ways parents can keep their children safe from falling sick, even if it’s not about the coronavirus.

However, if things can’t be helped and you have no choice but to go to a crowded place anyway, it would perhaps be wise to bring along the needed necessities and toiletries such as alcohol-based wet wipes and hand sanitisers to keep you and your babies clean and safe at all times.

While there has only been one case of a baby getting infected by COVID-19 (who has since recovered), it does not mean that babies and children are more “immune” to the virus than the average adult, or someone with a weak immune system.

When doing outdoor photoshoots or just photoshoots in general, especially during this time, it is far better to be safe than to be sorry. Stay safe!


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