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In your journey as a parent to the adorable new addition to your family, you ought to know how best to make him or her happy. And that means showering your newborn with plenty of positive attention from the get-go, especially if you treasure your child’s self-image and confidence as they grow up under your roof. The world is sometimes a cruel place, and all a parent can really do is to prepare their child for it.

So just how do you enlist the powers of positive attention to strengthen and cement your child’s self-image and sense of confidence from a young age? Here are all the ways you can provide that emotional security and lay out the groundwork for your little one to grow up into someone self-assured in the years to come.

(1) Always smile back

Newborns may be young and unable to converse with adults in proper languages as of yet, but one thing is for certain: they’re highly observant of what you are doing, and are almost always paying attention to you – or whatever else is most interesting at the time. They will thus be responsive to you even without words in the picture – a smile or a funny face will brighten their day as well as your own, so remember to interact often with your newborn this way.

(2) Speak and respond to your babbling baby

Another way to foster a close bond with positive attention is to actually speak to your newborn baby, even if they are unable to converse with you. When your baby makes sounds, they may actually be trying to get your attention or interact with you. All you have to do is to respond in kind, either by speaking to them or making similar sounds in response. Get your baby used to speaking with you from a young age, and watch that relationship blossom where communication is concerned.

(3) Encourage your baby

Playtime is not a one-sided affair. When your newborn baby is busying himself with his toys, you as a parent can also engage with him by observing what he prefers and is interested in, and encouraging him in playing with it more. For example, your baby could have a favourite blue toy car that he often favours. Play with that specific toy car with your newborn!

(4) Comfort them during crying fits

When babies cry, it can start to get very grating on the nerves – especially if they tend to be shrill and pitchy. However, part of positive attention is to be the parent who comforts your crying child when they’re in a fussy mood. Instead of ignoring your child, showing care and concern in the form of comfort will foster a deep emotional connection between you and her. Over time, your child will naturally trust you more, and the next time they start a crying fit, you might just be able to resolve it sooner rather than later.

The luckiest children are the ones who thrive and flourish in a loving, attentive environment – instead of being left to their own devices. Start things right from the very beginning by showering your baby with positive attention and know that you’re laying the foundation for a strong, healthy relationship for the future – and ensuring your child grows up into a confident, emotionally strong person.

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