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So you’ve taken the first step and booked Baby’s first session with the baby photographer! Now what?

Preparing for the shoot is just as important as the shoot itself. Children are full of surprises, and most parents soon become familiar with the saying “expect the unexpected”. With that in mind, keeping a checklist of necessary items to bring helps ensure that you’ve got everything you need for a smooth-sailing shoot!


This is pretty much self-explanatory! If your baby uses a pacifier, don’t forget to bring one along to the shoot in case you need it. Some babies are very attached to their pacifiers and soothing them without one can prove difficult for the family, which takes time away from photographing them.


Both dry and wet wipes are essential to every single Baby Bag. They’re here to save both parents and their babies from food stains and mysterious wet and/or sticky patches. A must-bring everywhere parents and babies go.

White noise app

Back in our day, our parents and grandparents sang lullabies to lull us to sleep. The modern baby, however, has access to a wide range of technology designed to send them off to dreamland without too much effort on the part of their caretakers!

That’s where the white noise app comes in. Being able to play soothing sounds on your phone helps babies stay calm and happy during the shoot, and can be crucial to getting that shot you want of Baby looking sagely while swaddled in their cutest blanket.


Just like wet wipes, towels are an essential part of the parenting kit. Apart from being able to be used as a prop in the shoot, towels that smell just like Mummy will keep Baby calm for longer, because babies recognise their mothers by scent!

Changing table pad and diapers

Sometimes, Baby decides to go potty during a shoot. It’s not uncommon, and because we’re in an enclosed space, everyone will be able to tell pretty quickly! As experienced newborn photographers, we’ve definitely seen this before, so don’t be embarrassed about whipping out the changing table pad and spare diapers to clean up your precious little bundle of joy.

baby change clothes

Extra change of clothes – for both you and Baby

Just in case. An extra change of clothes can come in handy if there’s a mishap during feeding time or if you want to change up your looks midway through the shoot.

Here are some additional tips for the kiasu parent:

Bring your own props

While most studios have their own props, bringing some of your own can inject a personal touch. For example, some clients have brought in homemade pillows filled with dried beansprout husks and hand-knitted beanies made by Baby’s loving grandparents.

Naptime during the session

Try to book a time with the photographer that overlaps with naptime so that your little one snoozes throughout, reducing the chances of having to juggle a cranky baby and various soothers! Feeding Baby just before the session starts can also lull them to sleep, resulting in a smoother photoshoot.

And that’s our checklist for parents thinking about booking a baby photoshoot! If you’re coming in soon, we recommend bookmarking this list and checking it twice to ensure that you and Baby get to enjoy a smooth-sailing session without any hiccups (both figuratively and literally). We’ll see you soon!

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