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So… Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Ready to take that beautiful family portrait? Not if your baby has anything to say about it. 

If your little one chooses this time to be fussy and break down in tears, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world – like any other person, a baby will go through the motions and experience different emotions. But more often than not, these moments of agitation and fussing are short-lived – if you know how to counter and solve them.

And like every parent, you know your child best and are most equipped to handle them in times of trouble. You just need to know what you can do – and then figure out what works for them.

Here are a few ways you can try to calm your crying baby down and settle them in for a peaceful photoshoot.

Rub their back – and lay them on their left side.

To start off, try to get your baby comfortable. Laying them on their left side promotes digestion and provides more ease, and could get their tears to stop flowing. Gently rubbing their back will also help to calm their emotions so your photos don’t include shots of your baby at the height of his little tantrum.

  • Wrap or swaddle them in a blanket.

Babies respond well to strong feelings of security, so be prepared and always have a blanket on hand when they start the waterworks. If you’re not sure how to swaddle your little one warmly in a blanket, approach a caretaker or look up tutorials online. Doing this will make your baby feel extremely safe, and they’ll soon stop fussing and crying.

  • Carry your baby and take a slow stroll.

Pick up your baby if they’re agitated or fussy and rock them gently, whether it’s in their crib or in your arms. It will also help to change the environment a little and take your baby out for a quick stroll. Then once their emotions are settled, it’s time to head back in to get that photoshoot moving along.

  • Play some calming noises or music.

Sometimes white noise or calming sounds can help to put your baby at ease. This is because certain sounds (such as humming) will remind babies of the time they were inside the womb. Going back to this memory and experience will most likely calm them down.

  • Offer his own thumb – or a pacifier.

Babies love to have something to suck on, whether it’s their favourite pacifier, a toy, or their own thumb. Be careful of choking hazards! 

Your baby will be too preoccupied with his pacifier to continue with his crying and fussing. Be sure to always have it on hand in case of emergencies like these. 

If it isn’t a soiled diaper, then you will most likely have to address your baby’s emotions in these various ways.

But take care to always be patient with your baby. While their crying and shrieking can be disruptive, it’s better to maintain an aura of calm around them. And once they’re all settled down, it’s time to smile for the camera!

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