Maternity Photoshoot

Being a maternity mum-to-be is not an easy task. Plenty of things are restricted from doing. So why not get a Maternity shoot? Speak to us, capture the celebration.

Capture the Baby Bump

Maternity Photoshoot

Congratulations on your new life. You or your spouse should have gone through a tough 6 months.
Why not treat yourself a good photoshoot and leave some great memories behind?
Such happy moment should be documented for eternity.


Can we make you smile with our photos?

Our Baby Milestones Shoots

Milestones Shoots You Can Look Forward to

Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot

Carrying a Baby for 9 months is not an easy feat. Maternity photoshoot marks the process that you mummy-to-be had went through. It’s not something that you can have any day so why not keepsake this memorable experience?

Baby Newborn

Baby Newborn

Baby Newborn

The celebration of your lovely child, looking at how sweet looking they are. It’s the best time for some photos because they are always sleeping!

Baby 100 Days

Baby 100 Days

Baby 100 Days

3 Months has passed and the changes are tremendous. There is so much difference from back then. The biggest difference? Now, they can smile for the pictures!

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Training to take the first step! Before that, they are trying their best to crawl. This moment is adorable because you can look at their myriad of expressions trying their best.

Stand & Motion

Stand & Motion

Stand & Motion

Needless to say, standing up is one of the most remarkable milestone for a Baby growing up. Holding toys and smiling, these images can easily put a smile onto your face. Why not make it permanent? We will help you capture those cute shots so you can keep it forever.

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Just in a blink of an eye, your Baby is now officially One. This calls for a celebration! Not just you alone but bring together family and friends as well to celebrate with your beloved child. A party, cake and a crowd is all you need for a celebration!

Good Words from Loving Parents


3 Months

Very good at handling babies :) no cranky baby is too difficult for them. Great team dynamics. Felicia can handle babies well and jaden is very patient. Would recommend their services 👍🏻 look at how happy my baby is even when doing wardrobe change !

Diana Lim

Jing Xiang

5 Months

Jaden is very patience with our baby and he manage to help us capture a very sweet photo for our baby.

We are very happy with the photos and also the service from Jaden. Highly Recommended!



3 Months

Jaden is a passionate photographer who is quick at adapting to any changes during the shoot with the baby.
He is also good at creating a fun atmosphere for the baby to feel relaxed.
It was a great experience shooting with him!

Alice Do


3 Weeks

Jaden and his team are very professional when it comes to baby photography. He knows how to make sure that the baby as a model will not be under pressure or stress every time the photo taking is in progress. He is patient enough to wait when he feels that my baby needs to feed or need to change diapers. Overall, great experience at the comfort of our own home! Thank you Babygraphy!

Christian Julian


2 Months

Jaden is amazing. It is challenging to shoot my 2 month old baby as she’s active and alert but he’s able to capture beautiful moments with his patience and the pictures are beautiful. Will not hesitate to engage Jaden again if we need another photoshoot.



6 Weeks

Jaden and Felicia were pretty great and very patient with our cranky boy. All the outfits were provided and very adorable! Really happy with the end results:)

Nurul Ain Z A

Yu Chen

6 Weeks

Jaden and his partner are very professional when carrying out the shoot, well equipped with professional camera and lighting devices, Jaden is able to capture great angles and makes the photos shine. They are also great at handling baby and very gentle when moving my son for poses as well as changing his outfits. Very friendly and passionate! Had a great time for the shoot, we would recommend his services for new parents. Thank you!

Yuki Chan


1.5 Years

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! The photographer that we engaged is really very professional and experienced. He is also very patience when my son is cranky and take a little while to warm up. Thumbs up for the prompt response and the delivery result !



7 Days

Jaden is a very friendly and accommodating photographer. The photoshoot session is a pleasurable experience. Thanks!

Grace Chua


Ready to make the best memories of your life? Drop us a note!

“When is the Best Time to
Capture Your Baby Moments?”


Lets see if we can answer your questions first.

When is the best to shoot?

Usually 32 weeks onwards is good enough to see the Baby Bump.

Where can we shoot?

Either outdoors or studio. We have ideas to show you! 

Any extra charges for shooting at studio?

There will no extra charges.

How do we select the 20 photos for further editing?

We will show you the raw photos and you can select 20 from there.

Are the Sessions Packages a 1-time payment?

Yes. We do accept cash or bank transfer or Paynow.

Do we get to keep the balance of the photos?

No, but you can buy all as a set.

Will these photos be edited?

The selected 20 photos will be edited. 

Do we have to pay a deposit for the shoot?

No, you do not need to. You can pay during the shoot.

Do you accept credit card terms?

No, we do not.

Is the pricelist fixed? (Nett price)


Can we purchase a package so after maternity, you can shoot my newborn?

Yes of course.