Travel Kit for Parents

Babygraphy • 01 Dec 2019

Going on that awesome family vacation in Europe, or just taking a trip down to Malaysia to see the extended family? With a newborn baby in the mix, it’s important to go prepared with all the essentials — just in case of emergencies! For young parents who are travelling for the first time, fret not. This packing list will meet all your needs — and your baby’s.

Ultimate Travel Kit Checklist

Here are three main categories young parents should take note of when putting together their luggage and packing essentials before the big trip! The key is to anticipate your child’s needs ahead of time, and making sure that you’re ready for any disaster — whether it’s extreme hunger, thirst, or just plain feeling sick or uncomfortable because of a soiled diaper or two.

Hygiene and Staying Clean

* Tissue pack

* Wet wipes

* Changing pad

* Plastic bags or ziploc bags for dirty diapers or clothes

* Medicine for infant in case of sickness like fever

* Hygiene essentials like baby’s lotion, shampoo, etc.

* Towel

* Diapers

Never suffer a dirty day out again with these essentials packed — ideally in your carry-on as you’re moving and traveling on the go. Your baby can and will surprise you with sudden upset stomachs or enough nausea to make them vomit, depending on your mode of travel, so parents, be prepared for just about anything! 

For infant medicine, please check with your family doctor before packing what you think you need. And remember to check if your baby has any allergies!

Feeding Time

* Baby’s bib

* Baby food

* A cloth in case of breastfeeding outdoors

* Snacks your baby might like

* Water bottle or milk bottle

When you’re out and about, baby’s bound to get hungry and thirsty, just like an adult. Anticipate your baby’s needs and bring along the above to make sure they don’t cry your ear off when it’s snack time — or feeding time. And remember to protect mommy’s modesty when it’s go time for breastfeeding, but you guys are out and about in public! There may not be feeding rooms available everywhere you go, so a cloth or scarf for mommy will be a godsend.

Playtime and Others

* Pacifier and/or baby’s toys

* Extra set of clothes for baby (and parents!)

Lastly, bring along some entertainment for your little one. If we can depend on mobile games to keep us entertained during our travels and transits, then your babies need much the same as well! Bring along one or two of their favourite toys to ensure your baby remains fuss-free throughout the travel period. And remember to anticipate their spit ups — even you need to change into fresh-smelling clothes, apart from getting your baby clean and wiped down.

With this travel kit ready to go, nothing will surprise you now. Remember to check your packed essentials against this list before you leave the house – and then double check it one more time just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important. Ensure your baby remains happy and well taken care of, and enjoy the trip!


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