Traveling With a Baby: Yes or No?

Babygraphy • 01 Oct 2019

So you’ve finally eased into the new job of parenting with your little infant, and you couldn’t be happier. And the next idea has finally hit you: maybe it’s time to make some spectacular memories by traveling with your baby! But is that really a good idea?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of traveling with your baby, and whether this prospect will work out for parents in general.

The advantages of traveling with your baby

Already packing for the trip in anticipation? It can be an extremely wonderful time abroad if you choose to bring along your baby for the ride – and also possibly acclimatise them to the act of traveling if you do it often enough. 

Here are a few pointers why bringing along your little one is going to be a great idea:

  • Babies are generally lower maintenance beings as opposed to toddlers or older children, so you don’t have to worry about them so much except for changing their diapers, keeping them fed, and also well-rested.
  • They won’t disrupt any sort of plan you have for your trip – and instead, they’ll just fit right in!
  • Babies can travel for free, so you won’t incur extra costs for airfare, making it a cheap(er) family event than if they were slightly older.
  • Babies are portable, too, so you can take them almost anywhere on your trip without worrying about them running off on their own.

The downside to it all

Of course, nothing’s ever perfect – and even with a quiet, fuss-free baby, things might not always go smoothly. Here are some disadvantages you may face while on holiday with your baby:

  • If your baby doesn’t nap when you need her to, then she may become restless during the daytime and during activities – which can be tough to handle
  • Babies may not settle down at night easily, and after a long day out having fun, staying up late can be exhausting for parents
  • The lack of a proper routine may add to your baby’s restlessness, since all of you are in a foreign country or state
  • Packing extra luggage for your baby may be a bit of an inconvenience
  • Babies, more often than not, will not retain memories of the trip, even with photographs to prove that it happened

So there you have it – the ups and downs of choosing to travel with your little infant. Of course, there are other things to take note of, after sorting through the pros and cons, such as holiday destinations, and whether or not certain places are suitable for your outdoor baby photoshoot.

If you decide not to travel with your baby, then there comes the added extra step of arranging for their care with either relatives or a reliable babysitter while you’re away.

Either way, it is up to you how you wish to spend time making great memories with your baby. And there’s no wrong way to do it, so long as you pay attention to their needs and are there for them when they need you!


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