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Now that Baby is on the way, when should you schedule the newborn photoshoot to capture pictures of the little one? Should you ask to be present in the photos? What if you’re not feeling ready or up to it?

Don’t worry too much about it and read on to find out more about newborn photoshoots!

Ideally, your newborn photoshoot should be scheduled within 2 weeks of birth, before Baby starts getting more alert. Some mommies might not feel photo-ready that soon postpartum, so opting for an infant-only photoshoot is common for most parents!

If Baby has an older sibling or two, it is important to include that in your discussion with the photographer, especially if you’re interested in including family in the newborn photoshoot.

If that is the case, the photographer might opt to shoot the family shots at the very beginning or very end of the session and have the older sibling out of the studio for the infant-only pictures. This is because some babies find it difficult to calm down when their older siblings are around!

While it is true that 2 weeks might seem like too short a frame of time to work with this soon after birth, it must be taken into account that babies grow fast, and after 10 days babies tend to be alert for longer which makes it difficult to capture them asleep. That’s why photographers try to stick to a strict calendar for most newborn photoshoots to ensure that they take place before the 10-day mark.

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There are also different kinds of newborn photoshoots!

For example, some parents opt to have a photographer present during or shortly after birth. The focus is on candid shots rather than staged ones and shows the family and their newborn as they get to know each other.

With plenty of natural light and family pictures, this type of session has grown in popularity over the years as it captures the precious few moments when parents meet their newborn for the first time and everything with it, including the interaction and intimacy of the moment.

However, the newborn photoshoot most people think of takes place in the studio or at home! Known as a ‘styled newborn session’, this style of shoot places Baby front and centre, making the session all about them.

Shot under controlled lighting, this photoshoot style also includes the usage of props. Family members can choose to be included in this style of shoot or opt-out of it depending on whether or not Mummy is feeling photo-ready (as many women do not feel up to it this soon after giving birth).

Either way, this session requires more planning and discussion than the immediate post-birth candid shoot and may require booking in advance to ensure that studio space is available.

There you have it! Newborn photoshoots are increasingly popular as young parents seek to document the first few weeks of Baby’s life, and are best pulled off with plenty of planning ahead of time.

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